Permits are currently not needed in case you do not bring ropes, as it is not considered climbing without ropes.

Fred Stone from the Arch London climbing gyms has taken the time to compile a guidebook with over 400 problems and many unclimbed projects in this area, and just recently him and Matt Cousins crushed a whole lot of those projects. Find here the completely reworked version with new cool features and a professional look!

Fred was so kind to allow us to keep this old free version of the guidebook online on our page! Find here the old guidebook that was the most comprehensive resource for the area before they launched the new digital version.

This Guidebook is provided by

Fred Stone of the Arch London climbing gym, click to download

Bouldering in Dahab

The Bouldering in Dahab is really something special, the Wadi Gnai right inside Dahab provides easy access, countless problems of all grades and mostly very secure landings. The unique granite makes for skin-saving Sessions and with our homemade Crashpads you don't have to bring yours from abroad, just bring your shoes, chalk and your friends!

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