On this page you can find our small guidebooks for the different climbing areas around Dahab and other helpful resources - it's all free, just remember to stay safe and respect the bedouin culture!

overview map of climbing areas

Overview Map


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St. Catherine


Trad Climbing Info Sinai

There's an often overlooked resource for climbing that is the Russian website by Misha, an experienced russian mountain guide active in Dahab. If you are patient enough to decipher Google's translation, it offers true gems of information!

Facebook Group

The hub for exchange of information and a meeting point for climbers

Trad Climbing Info St. Catherine

After many years and countless exploits in the area Dave Lucas took the time to collect the information about the classics and added various interesting first ascends by himself and his peers to this collection. To date (Jan. 2020) this is the most comprehensive collection of information on the st. Catherine area online available in English.

Singing Rock Techinfo

A pdf that I use a lot to refresh my memory of techniques. No substitute for training properly and with a professional guide!