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Our Guides

These are the people behind Red Sea Rock - each one of us is passionate about these rocks that we call home. Each one of us wants to share that passion with visitors in our own special way. From driving the Landcruisers, to organizing the permits to cooking the food and of course delivering quality courses, it's the Team that makes it work!

Photo taken by Maarten Camerlynck

Timo Elony

An outdoor enthusiast and engineer, Timo loves adventure, nature and sharing his knowledge with new climbers. He created this website for climbers to be able to experience the magic of the South Sinai Desert for themselves.

Photo by Mikhail Khomenyuk

Mikhail Khomenyuk

A local legend in the mountains of Sinai and Kirgistan, called "Abu Khatr" by the local Bedouin, Misha is hands down the most experienced mountain guide living in the region. We choose him for our most challenging and advanced endeavours.

Photo taken by Kai Branss

Abdalla Eid Jabali

Abdalla is our desert man, the driver that gets you there, the Bedouin guide that gets you back safely. From the local Muzeina tribe and born in Dahab he loves bouldering and showing travelling climbers the bouldering area as well as taking experienced climbers out to Camel Canyon and the other spots.

Photo by Timo

Wolfgang Vogl

A rock climbing pioneer and true inspiration for us, he has been a driving force since the very beginnings of rock climbing in the region. Wolfgang has opened many climbing areas and built many climbing and bouldering gyms both in the middle east and in his home in northern Austria.

Photo taken by Esraa El Mowafy

Rabia Barakat

Also known as Sheikh Rabia, of the local Bedouin tribe Aleqat near Ras Sudr, he is the owner of Beit Barakat, a beautiful Camp near Serabit el Khadim. With stunning scenery and the only pharaonic temple in Sinai at his doorstep and within his tribe's land, he followed his calling to guide his Guests in this remote lanscape together with his family.

Photo by Kai Branss

Farah Barakat

The son of Rabia Barakat, Farah is our trusted Landcruiser driver and guide deep in the desert. Always a joke on his lips or rhyming traditional Bedouin songs with lyrics of how he lost his iPhone, he's good fun to have around the campfire -of course together with his impeccable Bedouin cooking skills.

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