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Bolting Workshop

Next Date
3 days
Lead Course, Rescue Course
Next Date
3 days

Bolting means putting up new routes in the canyons of Sinai. As rock climbing is still in it's early stages in Egypt it takes the effort of experts volunteering with their experience to build new routes and provide a growing community with new challenges. Learning the ways of placing secure expansion bolts and judging the quality of the typical granite found in Sinai as well as defining lines across rock faces takes a variety of skills and a lot of experience. Let our expert Wolfgang Vogl together with Timo Elony teach you their findings, introduce you to the typical tasks of bolting and hopefully inspire you to join the effort of bolting climbing routes one day!


The Program


Content of the Bolting Workshop:

  • Know your drill

  • types of bolts and hardware

  • placing a good bolt

  • scouting routes

  • getting to the top

  • different styles of bolting

  • ethics

Frequently asked questions

What level do I have to be to join the bolting course in Egypt?

You should at least have joined a basic and lead course of some sort and should bring solid experience in rock climbing. You do not have to be a very strong climber, since we will mostly climb easy routes and focus on staying within our comfortable grade. Having experiene with rappelling and advanced rope technique helps!

What gear to I have to bring?

Specialized equipment and ropes are included. Bring your own personal equipment or rent it from us for a fee.

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