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Lead Climbing Course

Next Date
3 days
October 2023
Basic Course
Next Date
3 days
October 2023

In this course we will teach you the crucial skills to climb on bolted sports climbing routes. As a lead climber you have to make important decisions along the route all the way to the top. Clipping quickdraws the correct way, managing your rope path and judging the length of your potential fall are only a few aspects of this process. At the same time you will learn how to become a solid belayer for your lead climbing partner, as there can not be one without the other. Join us on 3 days diving deep into the theory, practice and methods surrounding lead climbing.


The Program

Day 1: 4 hours in Wadi Gnai
Starting with theory (gear knowledge and safety principles) then practical climbing exercises and training. At the end tasks will be assigned for students to prepare for the next day.

Day 2: 4 hours in Wadi Gnai
Starting by presenting results of student tasks.
Practical climbing exercise on same or harder routes than day before.
Finishing of with outline of preparation for final day and exam.

Day 3: 3 hours in Wadi Gnai, 1h exams
Starting by climbing session, different stations to practice weaknesses and prepare for exam.
Exam in belaying technique and safe climbing techniques.


Content of the outdoor lead climbing course:

  • Recap and repetition

  • Gear knowledge

  • knots and hitches

  • Lead belaying technique

  • natural hazards and how to deal with them

  • Falling practice and catching falls

  • Clipping and Rope management

  • Communication and Commands

  • Climbing techniques

  • Personal goals in climbing

Frequently asked questions

What level do I have to be to join a lead climbing course in Egypt?

You should at least have joined a basic course of some sort and should bring general experience in rock climbing.

What gear to I have to bring?

All the required gear is included in this course but if you already own, bring your own personal gear to get used to it.

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