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Rescue Workshop

Next Date
2 days
November 2023
Lead Course
Next Date
2 days
November 2023

More details coming soon, send us an email.


The Program

Karim and Sherif training the rescue from above. Photo by Amira


The skills in this course are aimed at providing first assistance for recreational climbers stuck at height in a typical scenario and with possible injuries.

  • typical scenarios

  • rescue from a single pitch route

  • rescue from a multi pitch route

  • rescue from below

  • rescue from above

  • Best practices

  • Injuries and emergency protocols

  • Legal

Frequently asked questions

What level do I have to be to join this course?

You should at least have joined a basic and lead climbing course of some sort and should bring general experience in rock climbing.

What gear to I have to bring?

All the required specialized gear and ropes are included in this course but bring your personal equipment, as this is not included (helmet, harness, shoes)

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