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Jebel Milehis Camp

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from 130€/day
1-3 days

Towering above a remote oasis you will find Jebel Milehis. The literal translation for "Milehis" means a different thing depending on who you ask but one Bedouin living at the bottom of the mountain says it has to do something with "air". A nice thought as it is the air that has shaped the mountain and all its surroundings into deep canyons and mirror-like walls.

Area in the guide book:

Hatem rappeling off the North Face after a bivvy on top of this mountain

Next Date
from 130€/day
1-3 days

The Program

We will start at 6am picking you up either at Assala Square, the Lighthouse or at the main road near your hotel. We will drive to Milehis, roughly 45 minutes north from Dahab and then 30minutes over rough 4x4 tracks into the desert. Here in complete solitude lies the mountain which offers both bolted and trad climbing routes. We will choose a suitable route for your level and attempt to climb it and reach the top of the plateau mountain before noon. Finally we will descend either rappelling over the north side or hiking down on the south side of the mountain back to the Landcruiser, where our guide will wait for us with a freshly cooked bedouin lunch. Then we return back to Dahab and should arrive well before sunset.

Marco sorting through his gear before starting "Reborn" via the direct start. Photo by Timo

What to bring

  • personal climbing equipment

  • lightweight base and mid layers for during the climb

  • water bottles

  • headlamp

  • your passport

  • solid hiking shoes or sandals

Pack these things into a small 15-20l backpack you can wear while climbing.

For the overnight camping also bring in a separate bag:

  • a light sleeping bag

  • the warmest jacket you have with you

  • changing clothes

  • small plastic bags for trash

  • anything fun to have around the fire in the evening!

Milehis is a desert tower with interesting climbs on all sides. We usually choose the sandy patch on the East Side as our base camp and from there venture out on our day's project.

Frequently asked questions

Who are we staying with?
The family of Salama Canyon will host our camp together with our bedouin guide taking us from Dahab. These Bedouin from the Muzeina tribe have lived on the north-eastern foot of the mountain many years ago and after their water-source dried up now live at the south-eastern foot of Jebel Milehis to be closer to permanent water sources and occasional tourism.

How long is the approach to the camp?

With the landcruiser we will be able to drive right up to our camp.

How are the sleeping arrangements?
Sleeping bags can be reserved but ideally bring your own.

A big communal sleeping tent will be shared between all participants. Mattresses and extra blankets are included.

Can i charge my phone at the base camp of Jebel Milehis?
There is absolutely no electricity out here, imagine pristine untouched nature, except for the pegs of our tents.

Is there reception around Jebel Milehis?
There is no reception in camp but on the top of the mountain there is network, which can be more than 2 hours of hiking though. Often you get decent network already half-way up the mountain though and the family of Salama can make calls from their home with old Nokia phones.

How are the toilets at the camp?
We are going to dig a toilet pit with a basic toilet seat, for the duration of our camp. Do not throw toilet paper in here, but instead pack it away in plastic bags to take back out.

Where can I throw away my trash?
Put it in the garbage bags provided by us, we will take them back out to the village.

Can I come with my own car and park there?
Yes, it is possible to park your car at the school of Ras Ghazala, close to the main road between St. Catherine and Dahab or Nuweiba and then switch to our offroad-vehicle.

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