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St Catherine Trad Climbing

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from 85€/day
1-4 days

St Catherine is the classic trad climbing destination of Sinai. Around this enclosed mountain valley the mountains of Safsafa, Rabba, Fara, and Batta rise with altitudes between 1900and 2200m, offering endless pitches of excellent granite rock.

Area in the guide book:

Karim charging up the 4th pitch of the "Silly Route". Photo by Timo

Next Date
from 85€/day
1-4 days

The Offer

The itinerary and the chosen routes can be tailored to your personal taste and ability on this trip. A typical itinerary would look like this:
-6am start from Dahab
-8am arrive in St. Catherine and start approach on shorter/easier route
-Sleep at one of the camps
-Next morning get up 5 or 6am to tackle bigger and more challenging routes right from behind the camp by foot, our bedouin guide will wait at the top of the mountain

The view over St. Catherine in 2021

What to bring

  • personal climbing equipment

  • lightweight base and mid layers for during the climb

  • water bottles

  • headlamp

  • your passport

  • solid hiking shoes or sandals

Pack these things into a small 15-20l backpack you can wear while climbing.

For the overnight camping also bring in a separate bag:

  • a light sleeping bag

  • the warmest jacket you have with you

  • changing clothes

  • small plastic bags for trash

  • anything fun to have around the fire in the evening!

Sayed's garden in Ein Tufaha

Frequently asked questions

Who are we staying with?
The family of Sayed and Saad Mousa of the Zawateen valley lives in Ein Tufaha and has a beautiful garden at the south-western end of St. Catherine at the bottom of  the north face of Jebel Rabba. Fox camp lies at the foot of the fantastic Jebel Safsafa with the most impressive long climbs of the St. Catherine Valley. Sheikh Moussas camp lies centrally in St. Catherine and is also an option. There is more places, but these are the most common, just to name a few.

How are the sleeping arrangements?
There is closed but not heated rooms in each of the camps, ideally you bring your own sleeping bag for extra comfort, but plenty of blankets and basic mattresses are in place. There is higher-tier options with en-suite bathrooms and heated rooms as well, simply ask us for your preferred level of comfort.

Can i charge my phone?
There is normal European wall outlets throughout town.

Is there reception in St. Catherine?
In the village and on all of the mountain faces enclosing the village there is decent reception. However the moment you reach the top of the peak the reception might drop to zero and you may be out of network the entire way down, so make sure you have informed the necessary people about your plans before starting the descent.

How are the toilets in St. Catherine?
There is decent toilets anywhere in town, you may have to bring your own toilet paper and never flush that, as local drains are not made for that.

Where can I throw away my trash?
There are bins at the camps and in town, do not throw trash anywhere else.

Can I come with my own car and park there?
Yes, you can park at any of the camps and switch to camels and walking there.

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