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Wadi Gnai Day Trip

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from 45€/day
1 day
On appointment

This is the classic crag near Dahab and our Excursion will take you to one of the popular spots of either Camel Canyon, Bedouin Garden or Waterfall

Area in the guide book:

Timo remembering how hard it is to find good feet on "Hampu's Digit", 6a+. Photo by Wolfgang

Next Date
from 45€/day
1 day
On appointment

The Offer

All levels welcome

We will start between 8-10am picking you up either at Assala Square or the Lighthouse (get in touch to get your exact meeting point and time).

Then we head out towards the valley known as Wadi Gnai with an offroad Car.

A certified rock climbing instructor and a Bedouin Guide from the local Muzeina tribe will accompany you, they will introduce you to the area, show you some of their favourite routes and if you want they’ll recommend you routes that suit your level.

For the beginners we will set up topropes, which are a safe way of getting to know rock climbing and we will pick a few easy and then some more challenging lines for you to try.

For the intermediate to advanced climbers we will pair you with suitable partner among the group (including the instructor and/or assistant) and provide you with lead climbing equipment, belay devices etc if needed. Of course let us know any of your preferences and we’ll try to cater to that.

At the end we will return to drop you off at the Pickup spot again roughly 4-5hrs after the pick up time.

Tuition is not included in this trip (look in our „courses“ section), but of course our instructor and assistant will be happy to answer your questions!

Timo on Cannibal Prince, 6a

What to bring

We will provide you with all the necessary climbing gear, so all you have to bring is 

  • your passport

  • a water bottle

  • sporty clothes

  • solid shoes

  • a warm jacket or jumper

Looking down Camel Canyon

Frequently asked questions

Is there reception in Wadi Gnai?
Even though on some occasions the bedouins might find reception, do not rely on that, mostly there is no reception in Wadi Gnai, so make your arrangements with whoever is in town before leaving the asphalt road.

How are the toilets in Wadi Gnai?
There are no accessible or maintained toilets and due to the high influx of tourists try to avoid seeking the toilet inside the Wadi, it will eventually lead to a problematic situation with the ground water in the valley. If you must, bury it deep and bag any toilet paper you use.

Where can I throw away my trash inside Wadi Gnai?
There is no garbage collectors in Wadi Gnai nor bins. Collect any trash you find and bring it back to Dahab, there is noone regularly cleaning this valley.

Can I come with my own car and park in Wadi Gnai?
It is not customary to bring your own car by the local bedouin rules, so avoid bringing your own car and instead work out with your bedouin guide how to get inside.

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