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Wadi Hamam Day Trip

Next Date
from 65€/day
1-2 days

Literally translating to the "Bathroom Valley" this Wadi offers some respite from the sometimes buzzing main Valley Wadi Gnai

Area in the guide book:

Photo by Kai Branss

Next Date
from 65€/day
1-2 days

The Offer

We will start at 7am picking you up either at Assala Square or the Lighthouse. Then we head out towards the valley known as Wadi Hamam with an offroad Car. Our certified rock climbing instructor and a Bedouin Guide from the local Muzeina tribe will accompany you. There is going to be tea and coffee made the traditional way over the fire and the bedouin guide will stay with us as there is no reception inside the valley. Around 3pm we will return to drop you off at the Pickup spot again roughly at 4pm.

Timo on a short line by Mikhail called "Desert Divers"

What to bring

  • personal climbing equipment (included in guided day trip)

  • lightweight base and mid layers for during the climb

  • water bottles

  • headlamp

  • your passport

  • solid hiking shoes or sandals

Pack these things into a small 15-20l backpack you can carry around the crag

For the overnight camping also bring in a separate bag:

  • a light sleeping bag

  • the warmest jacket you have with you

  • changing clothes

  • small plastic bags for trash

  • anything fun to have around the fire in the evening!

Jakob climbing on the Warmup Slab with the Pacman Corner in the Background

Frequently asked questions

Is there reception in Wadi Hamam?
There is absolutely no reception in Wadi Hamam and you will need at least 30minutes of drive by Landcruiser to get to the nearest point that has reception.

How are the toilets in Wadi Hamam?
There are no toilets in Wadi Hamam, so try to avoid seeking the toilet inside the Wadi, it will eventually lead to a problematic situation with the ground water in the valley. If you must, bury it deep and bag any toilet paper you use.

Where can I throw away my trash inside Wadi Hamam?
There is no garbage collectors in Wadi Hamam, nor bins. Collect any trash you find and bring it back to Dahab, there is noone regularly cleaning this valley.

Can I come with my own car and park in Wadi Hamam?
The only way to get there is by hiring a bedouin guide and he will provide you with transport and the necessary permits.

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