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Wadi Shellal Camp

Next Date
from 150€/day
2-4 days
20.10.2023, 3 days

Over 30 brand new sports climbing lines and countless possible future climbs are waiting for the adventurous travellers in this remote climbing crag. Our Bedouin host "Beit Barakat Serabit" will set up Bedouin tents for us at the beginning of the climbing area and will treat us to exquisite Bedouin cuisine and of course Bedouin Tea and coffee by the fire.

Area in the guide book:

Timo bolting the top anchor of "Winds of Wisdom". Source: Wisdom

Next Date
from 150€/day
2-4 days
20.10.2023, 3 days

The Program

We will leave Dahab at noon by minibus and arrive at the rendezvous point with our Landcruiser and Bedouin guide in the afternoon. We will head into the valley immediately to find dinner and sleeping arrangements prepared and ready within a few hours. The following days we will rise early, have a small bedouin breakfast and climb all day. Possible optional hiking excursions can take us to the abandoned town of Umm Bogma, an old English mining town, of which now nothing but ruins remain. Another optional excursion takes us to the temple of Hathor in Serabit el Khadim, the only pharaonic temple discovered within Sinai.
On the last day in the afternoon we leave the valley to take a private Car back to Dahab in the afternoon.

Amr climbing the first pitch of Great White, photo by Wolfgang Vogl

What to bring

  • personal climbing equipment

  • lightweight base and mid layers for during the climb

  • water bottles

  • headlamp

  • your passport

  • solid hiking shoes or sandals

Pack these things into a small 15-20l backpack you can wear while climbing.

For the overnight camping also bring in a separate bag:

  • a light sleeping bag

  • the warmest jacket you have with you

  • changing clothes

  • small plastic bags for trash

  • anything fun to have around the fire in the evening!

Our Basecamp in Wadi Shellal

Frequently asked questions

Who are we staying with?
The camp will be organized by Beit Barakat who are offering tasty food, chicken, meat or vegetarian options, a great service, and friendly Bedouins staying with us 24hrs.

How are the sleeping arrangements?
Sleeping bags can be reserved but ideally bring your own.

Tents are provided with 2 people per tent or communal tent. Mattresses and extra blankets are included.

Can i charge my phone?
There is no electricity but phones and electronic equipment can be charged between 4-8pm at Village 10 minutes away if really necessary

Is there reception in Wadi Shellal?
Inside the valley there is no reception but the locals sometimes do get signal, which is unreliable and weak.
The closest way to reception and the asphalt road is 30 minutes drive and will only be done in case of emergency or on the arrival and departure days around 4-6am and around 3-5pm, so make sure to tell your relatives and friends not to expect your phone to be switched on. You can ask us for the number of a contact person that has reception and lives close to the camp and can drive around 1h to reach us in case of urgent family matters.

How are the toilets?
Where we sleep there is no toilet, the closest toilet is 20minutes by foot or 10 minutes by car from our camp. When going to the toilet outdoors, make sure to bury the result deep in the ground and cover it with sand, then burn the toilet paper or bag it in a zip-lock or plastic bag. Wet wipes don't burn and have to be bagged.

Where can I throw away my trash?
Collect any trash you can find on the ground and put it in the plastic bags provided by us, which we will take back to the closest town. At the moment this place is beautiful without any  trash and together we can keep it this way.

Can I come with my own car and park there?
Yes, there is a property belonging to local Bedouin goatherds that we can leave the cars at when changing into the off-road vehicle.
However the road is badly paved asphalt, usually your car can get a little dusty on the way and you need to drive slowly.

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