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This Sector is the oldest in Wadi Gnai and has slabby routes on tiny ledges and smearing on offer.
The sector was first opened 1995-96 by Rolfe and Erik Oostra together with Enzo Ferrara.
Later on it saw additions by Dave Lucas in 2002 and Vlad Chumachenko in 2019 and a rebolting by Vlad Chumachenko, Wolfgang Vogl and Timo Elony with community-funded bolts more recently.
Watch out, the rebolting is still going on, the routes further to the right 8 and higher are not safe to climb yet, except the higher pitches which have been upgraded by Vlad recently.


Coming into Wadi Gnai, simply take the very first turnoff roughly 500m into the Valley on your left. Mostly used by the local Bedouin guides you might find all lines occupied on busy days, simply continue up to Camel Canyon then to find less crowds.

In this Sector:

In the Topos below you can find the route numbers and in the Table at the end the corresponding Routes. To submit your report, click on the description of the Route or on it's Name

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