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NE Ridge of Safsafa

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Terry Taylor, Steve Gault

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Route description

Older Topo of NW Face


From israeli wiki:

N19:Scala del Cielo; N8:Geissenpeter; N18:Elio’s Route; N5:Black Dyke; N2:The Skull; N7:Com kal; N6:The Mask; N4:Klostersporn; N14:Via del Papa Giovanni Paolo 1; N20:Saturday Night Fever; N11:Warsaw - Tel Aviv Direct; N16:Via del Papa Oct'87 variation; N12:Non-Stop (Warsaw’s variation); N15:Grand Hand Traverse (Papa's Variation); N3:Arba VaKhetzi; N13:Bonch; N1:NE Ridge of Safsafa; N17:Darkness at Noon; N10:Why not?; N9:Geissenpeter (variation)

Little info is known. First 3/4 of route have easy/moderate slope and are easy. The last few pitches are steep and difficult (V). (Oral communication by Steve Gault)


Main descent:
1st possibility: cross the Safsafa plateau with its many criss-crossing valleys. Follow direction S-SE till a gully reaching an inner valley enclosed by Safsafa and Jebel Musa(chapel). The path left brings you to the monastery, the path right (and up to a small col) reaches Wadi Shrej which brings you back to the foot of the north wall of Safsafa.
Instead of Wadi Shrej it is possible to reach Wadi Leja(Arbain) and the field school (now army base) passing a further col.
2nd possibility: take one of the first gullys descending from the plateau to Wadi El-Dir (valley of the monastery). You need some scrambling and at least 3 abseils, but Bustan Gully is easily descended without any abseils (see old picture)

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