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The Boulders

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The Boulders


1) Climb a shallow groove on square cut edges and cracks. Slightly Highball. V1
2) The flaring crack, making good use of the sidepull to its left. V1
3) Edges lead to a ramp running up and right. V2
4) A similar problem 1m right, but slightly easier. V1
5) A traverse will go from just right of problem 2 all the way to the RH arête of the wall. Maybe V4ish
6) Mantle onto the slab. V1 16
7) Straight up highest bit of the wall. V0
8) The curving right arête of the block without the wall. V0+
9) The groove. Eliminates are possible none hard. V0-
10) The middle of the wall. V0+
11) The arête. V0 Climbed on the RHS it is V1 with a bad landing. 12) The left most slab line. Starting off the block.V0
13) Start 2m right of problem 12. V0+
14) V1
15) The arête, climbed on its left. Nice. V0
16) The opposite arête. Bad landing. V1
17) The nest arête. Bad landing. V0+
18) The great looking wall sadly has no holds. Project.
19) The highball slab on the tall boulder. Getting down will be a problem. Project.
20) Nice Barn door arête. V2
21) Starting on the flake reach up and mantle over. V0+
22) The other arête using a lay away and a sloper. V1
23) Traverse the block right to Left. V2
24) Use the arête and an undercut to reach the top. V1
24a) Use the pocket to reach a jug at the top. V1
25) Another good arête. Use the underneath for feet. V0+
26) Climb the slabs using a layaway and a thin seam. V3
27) The rounded arête. Holds on the previoius problem are in. V2
28) Nice looking scoop slab. Landing is not great. Project.
29) Nice slab with a tricky start. V1
29a) An easy pocket wall. V0+
30) Just right of the arête is a lovely hold it may go. Project.
31) Around the overhang on small flakes
32) A balancy blank wall. V1
33) Slab. V1 33a) Flake V0+ siting start is V3
34) Climb the finger crack up the slab. A bit high. V1+
35) A very smooth slab with a break halfway and a good hold near the top. V3
36) 2m right. Nice and enjoy. V0-
37) Arete to the left of the huge slabby face. V0+
38) Climb the thin seam up the slab to the right of the big slabby face. V1
39) The slab to the left awaits a zen master. Project.
40) A number of lines on a wall V0 – V3. Eliminates and traverse possible.
41) Crack/groove. V3
42) Slab
43) To right of bulge. V3
44) Awsome bulge arête. V3


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