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We are a rock climbing and outdoor-sports provider based in Dahab, a small town at the foot of the South Sinai mountain range. Blessed with perfect conditions for rock climbing, hiking and trekking all winter and all-year round reliable conditions for water-sports, we would love to show you this true gem we call home.

Welcome to Sinai

 يا مرحبا

Latest Blog Posts

Help us print a guidebook for Sinai

Timo Elony


Last Update:

Timo Elony

10 Aug 2023

To this day there is no printed climbing guidebook for Egypt or the Sinai. Through more than a year of dedicated work the authors Wolfgang Vogl and Timo Elony have collected all the information and now started a fundraiser to get it printed.

A climber's guide to the South of Sinai

Timo Elony


Last Update:

Timo Elony

25 May 2023

Egypt remains one of the more unknown climbing areas in the world. Let me introduce you to the mountains of South Sinai and their amazing rock climbing potential. From planning your flights to finding climbing buddies, in this post you can find all the info you need to start your first climbing adventure out of Dahab, near Sharm el Sheikh.


Trips to remote, adventurous and sometimes unknown spots, click on the images below to see details for each of our special destinations.


Red Sea Rock is known in Egypt for offering highest quality courses, click on the images below to find out more.

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