Discover rock climbing

in Sinai - Egypt


In our courses for beginners and advanced climbers we are taking a customer-driven approach.

This way we are trying to help you continue right from the point where you stopped on your last trip and utilize any experience you may have from other sports.

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Guide book

In our guide book section you can find pdf document with the Topo guides and descriptions to all known routes in Sinai to date.

We are constantly working to keep them updated and actively supporting the decelopment in the area.

I can recommend that anyone look through our guide books before you head out to get a better idea of the areas.



The weather in the Sinai is mostly very predictable - blue skies and almost no rain.

When the weather does turn bad though it is a force to be reckoned with and flash floods can happen even after very short rain showers. Hot weather can also easily double your water consumption.

Check the weather every time before you go to stay on the safe side and the higher in the mountains you go, the more important is this rule!



These are tailor-made safaris with climbing or rappelling incorporated into the itinerary.

Where the walking becomes impossible - that's where the fun with ropes begins. Exploring canyons, setting up camp at the foot of towering peaks and following the ancient bedouin trails.

The south sinai mountains are known among trekkers and adventurers for their rough landscapes and natural beauty.

Between remote oases and blank granite mountains it is easy to forget time.